Yahoo LiveText for iOS and Android

yahoo livetext
Yahoo has launched a new application that you must try to bite a slice of the market of mobile communication programs, dominated by WhatsApp and by Facebook Messenger.

Called Livetext, the app works differently from its competitors, transmitting the video image of their users, but without voice – the conversation rolls only through text messages. It is worth remembering that he has not yet been made available here in Brazil on Apple’s App Store or Google Play, for Android, but should appear soon.

Strong competition

Other communications applications already make use of the camera phone to increment the chats, like Skype, the Viber and Tango. To try to grow between them, the Yahoo bets on a different concept with its silent video, taking into account that many people use chat systems through writing and use the webcam or camera phone just to see the person, without the need to exchange words with who’s on the other side.

The idea is to pass the impression that the conversation is happening in person, with your friend right in front of you.

To prevent incidents involving abuse among users of the app, it is necessary that both sides of the conversation will allow the transmission of videos and conversations can only happen between two users at a time. According to Yahoo, the idea is to pass the impression that the conversation is happening in person, with your friend in front of you.

After a long time without any news on applications for mobile devices, Yahoo has been trying to make up for lost time under the new leadership of Marissa Mayer. Therefore, even if you don’t think the launch of Livetext something revolutionary, keep an eye on the App Store and Play over the next few weeks: everything indicates that new interesting apps the company can show up at any time.



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