Whatsapp overtakes Facebook

Whatsapp has now conquered the No.1 position in message service by overtaking Facebook. Survey reports indicate that smartphone users prefer Whatsapp to Facebook Messenger. The survey called ‘On-device Research’ was done in five countries that use smartphones. The survey clearly states that more people use Whatsapp compared to Facebook Messenger.


The survey was done in the USA, Brazil, South Africa, Indonesia and China on 3,759 Android and IOS phones. Wechat, Apple iMessage, Google Hangout, BBM Messenger, Snapchat, Skype are also popular. According to the survey, 44% of smartphone users use Whatsapp at least once a week. Facebook Messenger users are just 35%. 28% use Wechat. Meanwhile Snapchat is gaining popularity in the USA among people aged 16 years to 24 years. The survey was done from October 25 to November 10.


When 73% people use their phones to make voice calls, 60% use them for emails. Whatsapp chief executive Jan Koum had announced in April that the company had outshone Twitter. Recently Whatsapp had introduced voice message service as well.
Every month worldwide Whatsapp users is worldwide is 30 crores.


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