Sudo: Free calling.

Sudo is an application for ios users. Ios users can cheer up. Among us there is an opinion, that the difficulties and troubles are mostly suffered by aliens, ie, people working at abroad. It is not just an opinion but it is a true fact. Those aliens are always eager to know what is happening on their locality or home. Daily they are working on abroad by sacrificing all difficulties and troubles, it is all for their families. They will overcome every troubles in all aspects and work hard for their family. On those time they are expecting only the love from their family and locality. If they need any significance for their hard work they need someone in their home or locality whom they love.

Therefore for maintaining and renewing the relationship of their families and friends, commonly they use phone calls where they are forced to pay huge amount. Mostly aliens need to have a contact with friends and family, it contributes them a mental relaxation. That’s why the mobile network companies are considering this as their opportunity and they are capitalising them to increase their financial profit. This is pathetic and cruel showing to people working on abroad. Because aliens always would like call their friends and family whole time.

Therefore they are enforced to spend huge amount for mobile recharging purpose. So, Sudo application has came to become the subvene for all the aliens. It contributes the 100% free calling to almost countries.

Sudo lets you to make local and international calls to around 21 countries for free. You can even called to people who don’t have installed Sudo on their phone. And it doesn’t work only in some rare countries. The most wonderful speciality of this application is that, we don’t want register our mobile number or email Id for regenerating the account in sudo. Instead we will get an email id and a mobile number from this.

While logging in we will get an email id of sudo. And also we get a mobile number, this mobile number can select by ourselves according to our choice. We will get numbers of United States, Britten and Canada. Among this we can choose a number and this number will be displayed on the phone in which are calling. This number we can even use for creating an account in Whatsapp. Moreover the application guarantee you the extreme privacy and security.

The application is temporarily available only for apple users. But soon the Sudo’s web version and android version would be available.

Let us know what are the features of Sudo…

– Unlimited calling:
You can avail unlimited calling besides nine customs and global phone numbers for free.

– Unlimited messaging.

Sudo lets you to send messages and chat with end to end encryption.

-Say hello to hack-proof email.

You can have upto 9 custom email addresses for free. And the application doesn’t have particular procedures for the installation.

– Personalised Browser.

Sudo has provided you a browser which guarantee safety and security and prevent unwanted ads and tracking.

– Stay connected to Sudo app in web.

Scan the qr code from your device and sync your phone to web and access the app.

And so on.


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