Review for Malayalam Dictionary – Artham Malayalam Dictionary

Dictionary is an important tool when a child is studying because there are many words which he is not aware of and the dictionary helps him in finding the meaning of those words with a lot of ease. It helps the child as well as adults in gaining the knowledge of the vocabulary and words which they have not heard of. For English, we have Oxford dictionary but do we have anything for Malayalam? Yes, Artham Malayalam is Oxford Dictionary of Malayalam and the dictionary has a huge database of over 2.16 Lakh words. Not just this, the application is available for offline use and you do not need a working internet connection to find the meaning of Malayalam Words. Let us now look at some of the interesting features of Artham Malayalam Dictionary.

Features of Artham Malayalam Dictionary

• The dictionary has a huge interface of over 2.16 lakh words which covers most of the known words in Malayalam.
• The dictionary converts the Malayalam Words in English for the better understanding of the words and phrases. The dictionary can also detect words through voice if the application is connected to the internet.
• The best part about the dictionary is that you can also find the meaning of the phrases and the idioms in this dictionary and the dictionary uses Olam English Malayalam Dataset as its key database.
• The size of the application is just 4.44 MB which ensures that the application doesn’t occupy a lot of space on your phone. Talking about the installation file, the size of the file is 2.55 MB and hence it would not burn your internet data during the download.
• The application runs really smoothly and there is no lag in the application at all. The RAM consumption of the application is about 12 MB which ensures that the application doesn’t slow the phone.
• Another amazing feature of this application is that if you have copied a word and if you open the dictionary then you don’t really need to type the whole word again. The application detects the text on the clipboard and pastes it automatically on the search tab.
• As mentioned earlier, the application runs offline and it doesn’t need a working internet connection so that surely adds on to the utility of this amazing Malayalam Dictionary

Talking about the rating of the application, the overall rating of application is 4.7 stars with over 1330 5 star reviews and an update was released recently which has basically refreshed the UI interface and enabled a voice search as well. The update has also reduced the application size by about 400 KB and it has also added a dark theme to the dictionary which looks really classy. In addition to this, the application has been download by 1 Lakh to 5 Lakh users and it requires Android 4.0 and above.

You must be looking for the download link to download the application now so here is the download link for Google Play Store



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