R 9 T : BMW’s Classic bike

No matter what the vehicle, the BMW is everyone’s dream conveyance just for its brand name. Every motor vehicle lover wishes to have the BMW logo on his/her ride. It is this same desire that forms the value and prestige of the BMW bikes. The company is widely known as Beamer among its fans. This is the 90th anniversary of the Beamer. Numerous models have been legacies of the company’s 90 years journey.

To mark BMW’s 90 anniversary, the company has introduced the R 9 T bike. Compared to the modern day bikes, the R 9 T does not have the usual frills or fuss. The new bike appears naked just like one from the first half of the 1900s. This gives the vehicle a retro look. However it is bygone only in its look but superior in its power and performance. It comprises of ABS brakes and twin silencers.

The R 9 T is powered by the same twin boxer engine as BMW’s very first bike R 32. The bike’s 1170 air-cooled boxer unit produces 110 horsepower in 7750 RPM and a maximum of 119 NM torque in 6000 RPM. It is fitted with pillion frame that can be removed as per choice. Hence the bike can be modified to seat either one or two people. Simply by unscrewing eight bolts, the pillion frame can be removed. By fitting an aluminum tail cover the rear will look more attractive.

bmw r9t

Two silencers are placed one on top of the other on the bike’s left side. The rider himself can adjust it upwards or downwards. Similarly the silencer pipe can also be altered. A major change is the introduction of the telescopic fork. The bike got a classic look with the addition of the S 1000 R R Super. The bike will henceforth be known by the nickname 9 T. Features are varied even in the 18-liter aluminum tank. The bike will hit the market only in the classic black colour. The company has given ample scope for experimenting in headlights and indicators. Owners can also change the bike’s configuration as per their will.

The bike’s attributes does not end even with the Radial 4 Piston Mono-block Brake Calipers, Steel Brake Lines or the 32 M M Brake Discs. The company stresses that beyond technical modifications, importance was given to the bike’s beauty and design. The bike gets its tempo from a six-speed gearbox. The wheelbase is 1476 millimeters. Accessories must include a helmet, black leather jacket and Mottorad-style vintage collection. The bike is priced at $ 16,200 (approx. INR 9.95 lakhs).


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