Pop Diary

Pop Diary is a mobile application that already says a lot about your function from its name: provide a friendly and intuitive system of personal notes. The idea is that it is easy to record thoughts and reminders without having to resort to complex apps.

No more be hiding his notebook in a place where no one can see or get frustrated by not being able to put all your projects more private posts on social networks. Now, simply open the program, write whatever they want and access all later – when and where you want.

Simply tap on the icon of pencil-in the lower right corner of the display – to start publishing on your virtual book. In the new window, you can configure the date the annotation or occurrence, create a title and write what you want in a broad field for text. After that, save the document for it to be immortalized within the system.

So you don’t miss anything that is the target of eavesdroppers, daily offers tools to sync with the cloud and blocking of content via password. Additionally, the application offers an advanced search system, customizations to the interface and a considerable package of emojis.

If you’re the type that feels out of date – not to mention a bit old-when you need to take notes on paper, Journal can be an application that will help you make better use of digital tools. The objective of this mobile application is to make the user leave the old-fashioned notebooks to start taking notes right on your phone.

pop-diaryAlthough the app is primarily geared for personal notes to “teenage diary” style, he has good tools and is light enough to be used in a multitude of other scenarios. A system of notifications, for example, that can be configured for specific periods, is able to act as a very powerful reminder for everyday tasks – or to write in the program from time to time.

The search system, despite not having its field Reset between one use and other of the service works virtually in real time and offers really relevant results – even if you have a lot of notes ever recorded on the platform. Combine all this with the fact that it is possible to protect all the material with a password tied to your email and that you can completely customise the interface and Diary reveals a great companion.

Another facility is that to save his works in the cloud, does not require any registration or anything like that: just choose a password for your account and let the app do all the rest of the work, synchronizing the files automatically.


NB : Pop Diary is a Adv free application.


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