PhotoMath is an application that serves to solve mathematical problems, being only necessary to frame the desired equation on screen.

With it, you’ll have the result of an account on the screen immediately, being a good way to check if your reasoning was properly developed.

The program uses the camera of your device to register the equation to be solved and supported only for calculations. That is, to date, the application is not able to recognize handwritten numbers. In addition, according to the developer, some more complex equations are not identified correctly.

Making calculations

The first activation, the application displays a small tutorial explaining how it works. The mechanism is very simple: just focus the desired calculation and fit it in the box displayed on the screen, using your fingers for best results. Then, once recognized the Bill, the result is now displayed at the bottom of the interface.

The equations solved by the programme remain stored in the form of a list and just drag the screen to view previous results. If you touch any of the solutions, you can see, too, the development of the calculation step by step, which can be interesting for Conference purposes, for example.

photomathPhotoMath is a program to solve mathematical calculations from a photo of the equation taken with your smartphone. Even if the application is able to withstand a series of usually, according to the developer for more complex equations that may not always be recognized by the app.

However, the programming team seeks to keep you with constant updates, and, if you wish, you can help by sending a calculation that may not have been identified. The application is capable of dealing with equations printed and recognizes them on the computer screen or another electronic device, in books and in the books.

Using the app is pretty simple, since you just focus on the calculation in the space for the equation and wait a few moments for the problem is registered by PhotoMath. At least during our tests, there was an equation that wasn’t recognized or had the wrong solution.

Good for Conference

Initially, only the solution of the problem can be seen on the screen, and if you want to know how to do the development, simply tap the item in question. This has two advantages, being the first to display only the result at first, so that you can check if you made the calculations correctly.

Then, he can also be interesting to find out how to get to such a result, if you are having problems in the development of the matter. Another interesting point is that the viewing mode of calculation is distributed in lines, highlighting the items that have undergone change in each step of the process.

That way, you can have a great ally to take questions about a type of equation is solved, causing the app is also a good companion to who is resuming calculations seen long ago in school. Despite the bold design, the program is very lightweight and will not have difficulties to be charged, independent of the device.




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