Passport Photo ID Studio

passport id photoPassport Photo ID Studio is an application that lets you take pictures framed especially for passport and other documents.With it, you can get an image in the form suitable for official items, avoiding the need to find a photographer.

Similarly, you also avoid the need to use a heavy editor and difficult, as those most professional programs. In addition, because the application does not consume many resources of your smartphone, it can be used even in more modest devices without any kind of problem or crashes.

Taking the picture
To open the program, you must configure how the picture should be taken by choosing your country for appropriate action. However, if you prefer, you can also leave the custom size, something interesting in case you want the image to another document that is not necessarily a passport.

Complete this configuration, you receive some brief instructions on the lighting and the background. Then, a new screen opens with the active camera and, in it, there’s a markup for you frame the face involving the proper place to the top of the head and the bottom of the Chin.
When taking the photo, you can either save it in your appliance as taking another. Later, you can view everything that was obtained and use that it deems most appropriate.

Above you gave a complete description about the Passport Photo ID Studio and its functionalities, know now what we think of Passport Photo ID Studio is a program for you to take a picture suitable for a passport or other official document. With it, you don’t have to worry about adjusting the characteristics in a complicated, in addition to dispense with the need to find a photographer specialized for the task.

The program interface is friendly, leaving the center portion of the screen so you can view the results and interact with the item, and the toolbar is placed at the bottom. Using the program is simple, since the person need only use the this button on the screen to take the picture.

In addition, you can make multiple versions and, later, choose in your gallery which to use. At least during our tests, the program worked perfectly in all attempts, without any major problems for the capture of the image and not to make the desired settings.

Photo time
Another interesting point of the application is that it has support to be used with both rear camera as well as the front, so that you can do a self-portrait without major difficulties. In addition, the space in which you must frame the face appears outlined on the screen, avoiding pictures cut.

The program also allows you to configure the features of flash and lighting, so you can get great results in the early attempts. In the program settings you can define items such as paper size, the place in which the images should be stored and custom sizing settings, among other options.

So if you want a specialized app to take photos for documents, certainly the Passport Photo ID Studio is a good option.



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