Opera Neon Browser

Opera Neon

Opera Neon is a super fast internet browser which allows you to experience Internet browsing as an enjoyment. We all need to save time and data in internet browsing therefore I suggest you to use Opera Neon which has been launched with amazing features and function. Now you can minimise the time and data that you were been spending infront of computer by using slow browsers. This browser is designed with various wallpapers which you can change as per your choice. You can open plenty of tabs in this browser without having decrease in the speed. Opera Neon is developed with improved visual tabs. You can have video pop-out and split screen mode.

You can also crop images and save it in gallery of things purchasing from online. It would be an automatic process and the particular image you have been saved to the gallery would be labelled the link of that web you have taken the image from. So that you can access that web page as per your convenience.

Split screen mode : Split screen mode is a special feature of this application, in which we can access multiple tabs at a time. For this you have to drag the visual tabs to the left or right.

The another one important feature of this browser is Video pop out. So that you could pop out videos into movable and adjustable window. Therefore you can continue watching videos from your favourite websites.

In brief the browser is totally designed with plenty of amazing features which will be useful to us while browsing in computers. On a single installation of this application, we can experience the exact comfortability of internet browsing. After opening the application you can see speed dial page where we can bring other websites link. There will be already linked Facebook, YouTube etc on the speed dial page. You can bring changes for that too.

The application is consisted with many of wallpapers, so it would be beautiful on seeing it and browsing internet. Download and install the application and start experiencing a variety Internet browser.


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