Review of Dub Music Player+ Equalizer

If you own an Android operating system gadget and wants a light yet powerful music player that can offer the facility of Music Equalizer than Dub Music Player+ Equalizer stands as one of the best apps in Google Play Store for you. Music Lovers around the world are opting it for its extensive usage that allows usage with offline mode option also with a new look to the music downloaded in your Smartphone. You don’t need to give a second thought about data as the music player will play a song from your local library, users are downloading the easy to use music player with the additional quality of Music Equalizer giving it 4.6 reviews at the whole. You can also follow the link available below the article to download Dub Music Player+ Equalizer for Android.

Exciting Features part of the app

Dub Music Player is one of the lightest music player app available over play store with options pop, metal or hip hop genre change of your song in order to try something new. We have enlisted all features below you can check better and decide whether to download Dub Music Player + Equalizer or not.

App offering Music Equalizer and Bass Booster

Bass Booster feature is one of the top rated features linked with the app, the Dub Music Player allows its users to adjust sound volume with mind-blowing five bands of Equalization options. In addition to this, the app offers 9 professional music genres for your choice, you will be allowed with hip-hop, Dance, Pop, Latin, Metal and Classical as options.

Audio Player that supports all music formats

The App is light yet powerful as it offers any audio files and supports all popular sound formats such as MP3, WAV, AAC, 3GP, MIDI and other available options. You will never see the message that the audio format is not supported with the app, just add more music and enjoy it on the go.

Provided Stunning Visual Sound Spectrum

Your phone will look like a bar offering music rhythm with the visual sound spectrum quality added as part of the app. The sound spectrum will be commanded with graphic equalizer bars, circular bars letting you listen to your favorite music at the same time. You can either view the setting to see the bars dancing at the tones of your music or simply close your eyes listening to your favorite songs.
App offering Improved Sound Quality with Bass Boost and Virtualizer effect
Well, you are the sole entity to decide the quality of music quality provided with the app, Dub Music Player for Android gadgets uses the most advanced music decoding system to let you shake your body with exciting music and sound tones. The offered Sound Quality is rated best for dance, trance, or any other genre as per your choice.

Other Exciting Features part of the Dub Music Player and Equalizer

Like other MP3 Players, it is not music downloader and allows editing, adding or searching playlist with easy key commands. You can also choose to link five available themes to add more flavors to your music listening.



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