The MSQRD is an application that turns your face completely, adding virtual masks similar to those of the Snapchat, with features, celebrities and animals.

Still in Beta, this app brings a small collection of effects, but you can have fun with the transformations that turned a fever on the iPhone!

The operation is very simple: you just need to open the app, and he shows his face transformed into another. Slide your finger on the bottom of the screen to move to other shades and see how you would be if you were Donald Trump, for example, or even a Jaguar. If you like the effect, can take a selfie or make a video.

You can use the rear camera too, if you want to transform the face of a friend — to do this, simply click the button in the top right corner of the screen. After you take the picture or create the video, simply save the gallery or share on social networks, using the MSQRD sharing buttons.



Above you gave a complete description about the MSQRD and its functionalities, know now what we think of him
The MSQRD is a success on the iPhone, because it is a really awesome application to transform its selfies. However, the Android version disappoints a lot if you’re expecting something similar to what exists in the iOS. That is, this is a Beta version and that still needs to receive many improvements to really draw attention.

Magician, but limited

Despite being extremely well done, the MSQRD brings so few masks and effects on Android that the feeling is that he’s not even an official product of the same app for iOS developers, though. The hope is that, by being a Beta, it will be updated soon with more features and options.

Don’t expect many celebrities or animals: he brings only 11 masks in total, without any extra animation effect, as on the iPhone. MSQRD is an application that has a lot to offer, but you need to show more than that if you want to make the same success on Android.

The whole process is very simple, and it shows the masks automatically, with realistic results. Thus, although limited, the MSQRD app has a great potential to be a very interesting hobby — you just need to receive later masks and effects, or will lose timing.

In General, however, the MSQRD is very interesting and deserves attention, especially for work so simple. Worth a download and have fun making videos and taking photographs with filters that already exist.





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