Maps+ Navigation

gpsIf you have a smartphone with geolocation system, but still doesn’t know how to take advantage of the tool, you’ll love the Radar Detector Navigation. With it, you will always load in Pocket a pretty complete GPS system.

Not to miss is just open the Radar Detector Navigation and check the location where you are. You can see the streets around, find shops, gas stations, hospitals, schools etc. In addition, you can create a route to any address.

All this is available to the user with the activation of the menus at the bottom of the screen. There you can also change the display of the map, download new maps in different regions and look for points of interest.

In addition, the application has augmented reality tool, which helps you to find more easily the best paths to wherever. Radar Detector Navigation is a free service only during the first 30 days. After that, the app requires that you purchase a license to continue to use.

Above you gave a complete description about the Radar Detector + Navigation and features, find out now what we think of Radar Detector Navigation is an application that surely deserves attention in the midst of so many options in the Android Market. With it, you now have a GPS system quite complete, accurate and simple to use. Even if you don’t understand anything of geolocation systems, should not find it difficult to find any address with the Radar DetectorNavigation.

The application brings a very nice interface and various tools that make the app even better, such as augmented reality, which is the great differential of the Radar Detector Navigation. The test period is ideal, taking a month to the user check if the Radar Detector Navigation is worth buying or not. However, the developers do not report the value of services, nor the frequency of payment.



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