MadLipz – Create Awesome Funny Videos

Making funny videos and sharing it with friends is always fun but there is a new trend these days wherein you can dub your voice into the video and share it with the friends. You can also do the vice versa and all these applications are getting really popular. One such application which can give you a high dosage of laughter is MadLipz and you can use this application to add your voice to any video. This adds to the fun and you can get hundreds and thousands of likes with help of this tool.
Here is a small review of the application and let us begin with the list of features for this amazing Dubbing Application.

Features of MadLipz

• As mentioned earlier, the application is used to create memes by simply dubbing your voice on any of the videos. By this way, you can even add an element of the fun to a serious video.
• The application works like a social network and hence you can create a network of your friends on the application.
• It is possible to like and comment on the friend’s videos and even they could like and comment on your amazing memes. This adds to the fun of creating such videos.
• You can also navigate to other people’s profile and check out the videos created by them. This can also spark your creativity and you will certainly love it.
• The application developers update the application with new videos very frequently so you will always have something new. This way you will not be bored with the old videos.
• The developer of the application takes the feedback very seriously and hence you can also provide the feedback to the developers of the application.
• The application also lets you create hashtags and you can even search for videos with the hashtags.
• In the recent iteration, the application developers added a Reel feature to the application which would let you showcase your best creating and this would help you in getting many likes.

Talking about the general review, the application has an overall rating of 4.6 stars which is an excellent rating. In total, MadLipz has been reviewed by over 93 thousand users. Out of all these 93 thousand users, over 90% of the users have given a 4 star and a 5-star rating to the application which helps the app in maintaining such a high average rating.
In terms of installations, the application has been installed by 10 million to 50 million users and hence the application has a huge user base. You can install the application on any android device that is running on Android 5.0 and above. The application is bug-free so you do not have to worry about any sort of lags or issues while using the application.
You can click on the download link below to create an awesome meme and share it with your friends. The download link will redirect you to the google play store page of the application.



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