Music Art Changer

music artCover Art Grabber is a useful application for those who likes to leave their organized media library: he finds the album covers that you do not yet have and adds the image to the MP3 track quickly. In this way, all songs appear in your player with the original photo.

The search is made by album and all songs are the same cover. Click on a disk that is still no picture and the program searches and suggests an option; If it is correct, click “Save”. If the tag is wrong, it is possible that the Cover Art Grabber is unable to accurately find a perfect score; Click “Search” to continue searching, results are shown and you can choose one.

If the program does not find even a cover for that album, you can see if the tags are correct or try to find in the internet the correct image and manually update. If you click on the button “Fetch Missing Cover”, the app does all the work automatically, however it is not possible to indicate whether the cover chosen is correct or not.

Above you gave a complete description about the Cover Art Grabber and its functionalities, know now what we think of him
Cover Art Grabber is a great solution to better organize your media library. Your search for album covers was very effective and he only encountered problems in songs where the tags were wrong; on the other, the album shown was correct.

The search may take a while, depending on the difficulty in finding the correct cover, however it is not possible to say that this is really a problem, since even for the most difficult the program didn’t take more than two minutes to find an option.

What’s really missing from the app and that could appear in any update is the ability to find and manually edit the cover, allowing this to be done without the help of another application. If it were possible, this program would be even better, but even without this option already well worth download it, test it and organize your media library.



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