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Next Screen Lock is a lock screen full of features to Android that was created by the experiments of Microsoft (“The Garage”). In addition to showing missed calls, messages, and calendar events, the lockscreen also gives access to shortcuts to various apps that can be grouped into three categories: “At Home”, “On the Go” and “At Work”.

At the base of the display, the program still offers icons that enable you to manage your WiFi, Bluetooth, screen rotation and trigger the flashlight and alarm. In this way, it is easy to move on the main features of the smartphone without losing too much time.

To touch a notification of a lost connection, for example, Next Lock Screen automatically opens the dialer for you to return the call. The same occurs with other types of alerts that always trigger the appropriate app for you answer.

In “Settings”, you can find dozens of options for changing the operation of the application. You can change the wallpaper, choose the types of cards/notifications that can appear and also request so that the status bar is hidden automatically. Next Lock Screen can also show the weather forecast for your region, but this feature in particular has not yet been released in Brazil.

Above you gave a complete description about the Next Lock Screen and features, find out now what we think of him
Next Lock Screen is a customizable lock screen developed by Microsoft that brings several quality resources you improve productivity in your device. The element that draws the most attention is the section of cards/notifications, since you can check missed calls, messages and events directly on lockscreen.

In addition to being able to view important events, Next Lock Screen allows you to perform the correct apps for each occurrence. If you touch the registry of a missed call, for example, the Dialer is automatically executed with the number of the person who called you.


The configuration options are consistent and allow you to select the types of notifications that may or may not be shown on the lock screen. In addition, it is also possible to organize up to ten apps shortcuts in three distinct categories that are at the base of the display for easy access to your favorite programs.

Next Lock Screen only loses points for the lack of a native security system. If you already have a lockscreen with password, it is not integrated with the Microsoft System, forcing you to deal with the two lock screens – which is not practical.




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