LIKE App Review

LIKE app is developed by Bigo Technology Pte. Ltd, and it is one of the most talked about apps on Google Play. If you are looking for a quick and fun application to create music videos and share with friends then this app fits the bill perfectly. It is one of those amazing apps that make you use your Android phone to the fullest for entertainment. You will never again be bored while waiting for a train or when your plane is delayed. You will have more exciting options than simply playing games on your mobile phone. You will be able to enjoy the LIKE App to create and share fun videos.

The LIKE App allows you to easily create magic music videos that are fun to watch and share. You can add some magic effects to your music to make them more enjoyable. When you are done, customizing the videos, you can then submit the video on LIKE to get it more attention with the Featured quality to allow other users at LIKE community see and comment on your music video.
These well-made and fun magic videos can be shared on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. One of the best features of the app is the ability to lip sync. Another feature we really like is the magic effects. Since its release, the app has become really popular and it has been downloaded by many users.

The app comes with 3D Magic capability which allows you to add as many as 12 different kinds of 3D magic effects to make your videos look special. These effects include Fly, Minify, Rocket, Zoom, etc. You can also use the various camera effects to add fun to your videos. You can experiment with effects like Rocket, Zoom, Fly, Minify, etc.

You can also use the amazing mixed effects such as 2 mirror and Dazzled to turn the dull and ordinary events into creative ones within minutes. You can choose any music of your choice to create a lip sync with the video and further increase the value of your video content. Once you are done, share the video with your friends on social media and enjoy their comments.


• Come with an innovative 3D Magic feature
• Allows you to liberate yourself from video frame easily
• Turn your video into blockbuster with 12 types of 3D magic effects
• Enables you to create spectacular videos with special effects
• Create exciting videos or edit videos from camera roll
• Create the coolest mix of magic effects
• Add music for fun lip sync
• Use your favourite music from the music library
• Add special beauty effects on videos
• make new friends from the community
• LIKE app is available in 23 different languages

Life is always exciting and fun with the LIKE app. You can meet and be friends with likeminded people to make the most of your video experience. Get ideas, share tips and suggestions from the online community. You can also share your fun videos on social media and get likes and comments from friends. Download the apps for free from this link –





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