Kimbho – Swadeshi Messaging App

So, we all have used WhatsApp, there is hardly anyone who is not present on this messaging app. Most of you would have also used Patanjali’s product at some point in life. Now, you might be wondering that what is the connection between the two? Well, there is a strange connection between two and we will reveal that later in this space.
Before we move ahead, do you know that Patanjali also launched SIM card in collaboration with BSNL and they have quite attractive packages. These SIM cards come with a lot of data and you will certainly be happy to use them. So, with this, we can conclude that Patanjali is entering the communication industry. Now, coming back to the main point. Patanjali is also launching a new messaging app. The name of this Messaging App Kimbho and it is a new competitor of WhatsApp.
Moving ahead, it is known that Kimbho is a Sanskrit word which is used to ask about the well-being of the person. Similarly, the application has also been named Kimbho as it is used for communication.

Here are interesting facts about Kimbho
The application has been marketed has a desi application and hence it is trying to target the Indian users on the name of Made in India. There are certainly going to be many users who would like to check the app at first.

If you use WhatsApp, you know that you can send almost any type of media file or documents to other users. Kimbho is also offering a similar feature which lets you send any type of file to the person you are chatting with. Now this is interesting, isn’t it?

Apparently, Kimbho is also offering video calling and just like WhatsApp, you can make video calls with help of the app.
Another feature of the application is that it lets you make groups just like you do it on other applications. The information about the size of the group is not yet available and we will soon have information about this too.

To enhance your security, the application also lets you share your location with the friends. It makes you feel secure and they can always track your location while you are on the move.
To secure your messages, Kimbho is also using encryption technique which will only enable the sender and the receiver to check the message. This means that if someone intercepts your data, they will not be able to see the message as the message would be encrypted.

It seems like Kimbho has also been inspired by snapchat as they have introduced a feature to send messages anonymously. Moreover, you can also send auto-destructive messages. This means that your message would have an expiry time.

If you are trying to download the Kimbho app then you would have to wait as the application has been taken down because of some technical issues. The same will soon be available on Google Play Store and then you can have your hands on the Swadeshi Messaging App.




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