Intro Lite for Iphone

Intro Lite Video Editor is an app for iPhone that has been specially designed to make life easier for people who need to create short clips and stylish without too many complications.Also this App helps you to create stunning intro videos with the help of Beautiful Templates

The program shows a dynamic tutorial on the first time runs and helps you to edit a video while explains all functions. In general, a clip can be created using excerpts from up to four videos.

To create a project, touch the “+ ” button on the main menu and select the icon in the form of camera. Then you can start shooting at ease, being that you must capture at least two scenes. In the edit screen displays the thumbnails of secondary displays that you will use as a control to perform the editing.

A tap on one of the thumbnails generates a immediate transition, while sliding a finger between the scenes you want results in a blurring more smooth. It is also possible that two clips are shown at the same time ringing in the scenes you want simultaneously.

The bar in the center of the display always shows clearly the progress of his creation, and you can use it to shorten excerpts or completely change a scene. When you are satisfied with the result, simply touch the button “Save” button located in the top right corner of the screen.

introIf you’re looking for a intro video editor intuitive to create clips beautiful and stylish in your iGadget, Intro Lite Video Editor is certainly one of the best options that you find in the App Store.

The application interface is incredibly lean and, although the operation of the editor does not resembles the other apps of its kind, is very easy to get used to how the utility manages everything, mainly because the options are few and visually self-explanatory.

the editing capabilities are a little limited, since there are just seven templates. Despite this, the transitions are smooth and the possibility to show the video until two scenes at the same time adding points to the app. Another difference is that the timeline can easily be dragged forward or backward to change the flow of the scene as required.

Those who hold a professional editor full of complex features and effects may be disappointed with the Intro Lite Video Editor. On the other hand, who needs an intuitive and easy to create short clips you will find everything you need and don’t have to pay nothing for it.



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