If you’re always in doubt at the time of converting units, the Convex can be a good companion. With this application, you can always know what they represent 65 F, turning the temperature to Celsius, for example. Are various units of conversion and you can use them all in a system very simple to understand.

When opening the Convex, you find a wheel, where you can choose the type of drive to be converted. Sliding your finger across the screen, you go through all the formats, which bring a caption in English just below its icon. Reaching the wanted item, just a touch on your symbol so that a new window is opened.

The Panel appears a chart with the type of measurement to be used. At the top of the display, you will find the conversion of units being made. You can change the amount converted by interacting with the object or selecting the side strips. The calculation is instantaneous and, at the same time that change the amount, you’re giving the result at the top of the screen.

Above you gave a complete description about the Convex and its functionalities, know now what we think of
The Convex is an application useful and fun to use. He certainly deserves attention amid other unit converters from the App Store. The interface has been very well developed, being the biggest highlight of the application.

The interaction with the objects also gives many positive points for the Convex, causing the app use more enjoyable. The Convex has no test version and sells for $ 1.99.


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