Homeopathy to enhance hair growth

Hair_growth_stagesThere are people who consider even the few strands of hair that fall simply when combing as a major loss. Their minds too worry about this. The society is home to many unhappy people who fall prey to ‘fraud advertising’ and buy hoax medicines to solve hair loss problem. The hair grows through several cells and hormonal glands located underneath the skin.

Hair fall, premature greying of hair, dandruff etc are symptoms to many health-related problems. The existence, beauty, growth etc of hair will be affected by prolonged illness, complicated surgeries and mental stress. Thyroid problems, deficiency of blood, skin diseases, cancer treatments and prolonged use of certain medicines can hinder hair growth.

Dandruff, a fungal disease, is the most common cause for hair loss. Dandruff is the appearance of oily flakes. It prevents air and blood circulation to the scalp, closing hair follicles and not letting new hair to grow. In many people, dandruff results in hair loss in small coin-sized patterns. This may be another reason for baldness apart from heredity.

A similar kind of hair fall is seen in children as round scaly patches round or oval. People in a peculiar kind of mental state can be seen pulling their hair. Girls who are subject to mental stress are more prone to this kind of behaviour. An unstable condition of the chemical composition of the brain is thus highlighted.

Homeopathy recommends over 50 medicines to remedy health issues related to hair loss. The medicine is determined based on the patient’s individual characteristics. Given below are the summaries of the characteristic symptoms of two medicines for various types of problems related to hair fall based on a person’s individual characteristics. It is important to remember that in homeopathy the symptoms of both medicines and patients are the same.

This medicine is effective for hair fall, dandruff, pimples etc associated with liver-related ailments. Wet hair that leads to scratching of the scalp and thus hair loss, pimples that appear partly on the face and entirely on the forehead, unable to bear cold weather, less thirst, loss of focus, unnecessary fear, distress, depression are other specialities of this medicine. The medicine is most effective in patients who show these symptoms.

This medicine proves effective for people with polite behaviour; slim, tall and beautiful ‘nervous’ characteristics. Phosphorus can be used in conditions of intestine-related problems, acute dandruff, premature greying of the hair, hair loss and spreading of pimples on the face. Moreover problems that result from excess of exhaustion, sex, salt, sugary food etc can also be remedied with phosphorus.

Other medicines also indicate characteristic symptoms. Homeopathy treatment and prescription of medicines must be done only by an expert in the field.


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