Hola Unblocker

Hola is a internet Accelerator and also a site unlocker. Therefore, a single program, you can navigate better and still access pages whose access is restricted (which can happen for different reasons, such as geographic region).

Hola developers claim that were designed to let the internet 10 times faster. To do this, with the spread of this software has been built a network of peer to peer (P2P) that combines different technologies, which range from multiple sources to data compression and P2P protocols.

In addition, the software creates a special local cache on your Windows or device with Android system. That way, when you reload any content (a YouTube video, for example), this is not done by internet, but from that cache.

At first, according to the developers of Hola, the early adopters will be able to navigate more quickly, however, the speed will be even larger as new people installing the software. The creators of the project also ensures that the performance of a computer is not undermined by the fact of being part of this network.

In addition to an accelerator, a unlocker
The ability to watch content restricted to a region gives thanks to different technologies that Hola implements to make the internet faster. At the time, the software can unlock a limited number of sites, however, according to developers, the list grows weekly. It should be noted that, for security reasons, the Hola does not accelerate pages that use the HTTPS protocol, such as banking sites.

By default, the Hola already begins to speed up your connection once the program is installed and run. However, the unlocker is not enabled by default. To enable it, you must check the option “Unblocker”, on the main screen of the software. This will open a page with pages that can be accessed, including those whose access is restricted by a corporate firewall, for example.

Hola also has a wireless connection manager, which lists the networks to which you can connect. The list can be filtered between networks with good quality of connection, opened, closed, and paid. There is also a search feature for a specific network.

Above you gave a complete description about the Hola and its functionalities, know now what we think of him
Hola installation is quick and does not require any kind of special procedures. Once the program is installed, it is possible to enjoy the benefits of speed Accelerator, however, you need to enable the unlocker manually.


Throttle efficiency is relative. As this is a community project, as more users use the Hola, the better. What we can say, according to our tests, is that it has not been possible to observe during the loading of a gagging video 40 minutes in high definition, but we realize gagging while trying to upload songs for streaming. In addition, we note the servers software instability (hence, the link to download the Installer file may not work).

The unlocker from Hola is efficient, however, the list of sites to which access is released by the program is small — is the expectation with respect to the promise of the developers to enhance this relationship. In addition, the use of the tool is not very intuitive, because it is necessary to release the access to a desired site by the interface of the software.

Hola was not heavy or unstable, requiring little of the processor and consuming low RAM of the computer. In terms of practicality, it is easy to find the interface of the program, because the visual is pretty, and the roles are well located.