Hide App – An Easy Way to Hide Applications

Most of us have applications on our phone which we would like to hide. This could be social media applications like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp or this could even be dating applications like Tinder. Until now, there were no special ways to hide the applications and most the people used to protect these apps with the passwords. However, there is a way which can be used to hide the apps just like you can hide folders, pictures and videos. You can do this with the help of an application called Hide App and here is a short review of this amazing application.

Features of Hide App

App Hider – This is basically an app which can hide the icon of any app installed on the phone. The application can be opened again with the help of this app.

Security Feature – It is possible to lock the app and there is two-way support for it. You can either use a PIN to lock the app or you can use the fingerprint to lock and unlock the app.

Extras – The app also has some of the extra features for the users. These features include the capabilities to free up storage space, boost the speed of the phone, cleaning the cache and also cleaning the notification window for your phone.

Using the App – To use the app, you can initialize the app and select the apps that you want to hide. If you want to use the app then initialize the app again and select the app that you would like to use.

General Review

The application works great on all the device. It is totally free to use and the way it generates revenue for itself is via ads so that you don’t have to pay for the usage. Talking about the reviews, the application has a rating of 4 stars with over 58,000 reviews. Apart from this, we also know that the application has been installed by over 5 million users. The new upgraded version offers many additional features for you. One such feature which helps people is the capabilities to unlock the app with fingerprints. The app still doesn’t support face unlock. Overall, it is a great app for any android device.

Support and Compatibility

Talking about the support and compatibility, it is known that the app can be installed on the Android devices that are running on Android 5 and above. For some devices, you can also install the app on them if they are running on Android 4. It should be noted that the app is compatible with Tablets as well. Apart from this, there are no additional requirements for installing the app.
So, if you are also sick of your friends and family who are always trying to sneak into your phone, go ahead and install the app directly from the Google Play Store. The download link for the app is listed below.



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