File and Folder Locker for Android Device

You would have used Folder Locker on your PC or laptop and that software is really handy as it can help you in securing many different folders or files. The problem is with a mobile phone as in mobile phone, it is not possible to lock individual file or folder. In addition to this, the mobile is protected via single password. If a person gets to know your passcode then he can also access your important files and folder. In such a case, it is necessary to have the folder lock for android as well and you will be glad to know that File and Folder Locker for Android Device is also available. Let us now look at the features of the application.

Features of File and Folder Locker

• With this application, you can lock multiple files and folders and the application is free to use. In addition to this, it takes only about a couple of seconds to lock the file or folder.
• There are cases when people forget their password and in such a case, you can recover the password with help of your registered email address or the registered mobile number. This is really a required feature and this feature is missing in many other applications.
• You can also hide files and folders using this application and the application also has a setting to display or hide the hidden folders.
• Apart from pics and videos, you can also lock and secure your audio files, notes, and documents.
• It is also possible to lock the complete gallery with help of this software and this would enable you to secure all the media present on the phone.
• To uninstall the application, you must click on the options button on the dashboard and then click on the uninstall button. This will ensure that all the passwords are removed before the application is uninstalled from the phone.
• The application has a simple to use interface and even a newbie can use the application with ease.

In terms of general review, the application has an overall rating of about 4 stars and the application has been reviewed by about 4000 users. Out of these, over 2500 users have given a straight 4 or 5 star. There were some bugs in the application in the previous versions but in the new release, all the issues were resolved. In terms of the installation, the application has been installed by 10 lakh to 50 lakh people and they are quite happy with the functionality.
If you also have an android device which is running on Android 3.0 or above then you can also secure your files and folders. It is quite easy to download the application and you only need to follow the link mentioned below to download the application from Google Play Store. If there is a need to uninstall the applications then do remember to remove all the passwords from the files and folders before uninstalling the application.



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