Eusing Launcher

Eusing Launcher is a software that helps you create quick shortcuts for the most accessed in Windows. In addition, he provides a simpler way to access the main directories and system settings.

Although the app contains some preconfigured options, you can include any icon on it. So, you can access your favorite sites quickly. Once the interface is customizable, you can shape it according to your needs

Circle Organizer
One of the things that pollute the desktop are icons. Some people abarrota both the screen with shortcuts which is hard to even see the background. Come to think of it, a launcher can be a good alternative. Instead of creating items for each directory, simply reposition them a little more clean and practical.

The Eusing Launcher is made precisely for that. With it, you can relocate the circle shaped objects and activate them with just one click. Any program or document can be included in the ring of app. When you click with the right mouse button on user button in the center of the tool, are shown to manage the power of the computer, lock it, access the settings, change the user profile, etc.

In total, it is possible to enter up to 36 icons. The software uses different types of shortcut for ease of use, they are:

ALT + SPACEBAR: hides or shows the Eusing Launcher;

Shift + Tab: switch between the desktop and the application;

CTRL + Tab: minimizes the program;

ESC: cancel the current operation.

Eusing Launcher

Leaving with your face
By clicking with the right mouse button the button located in the menu Launcher Eusing next to the system clock, it is possible to access the settings. So, you can decide whether to start the program along with Windows, hide it automatically, backup, restore the tasks or reset the options to the original pattern.

If you want to, you can also change the appearance of the app, adjust the size of the circle and icons, change the amount of items displayed, change the position on the screen and the opacity.

Adding new shortcuts
There are two ways to include new icons on roulette: pulling and releasing the software interface shortcuts or right-clicking on empty objects and choosing the option “Add Shortcut”. If you have opted for the second mode, you must enter a title, the way and the way the link should behave.

Although the first way is easier, in the seventh OS version of Bill Gates it may not work properly. This is because the UAC (User account control) does not allow the function to Drag & Drop.

To work around this obstacle, just type UAC in the “Search programs and files” and click “change settings of User account control”. In the new window, drag the slide to “never notify” and reboot the PC. Now, just pull the file, press the shortcut (Alt + SPACEBAR) to start the Eusing Launcher and drop the item in the interface.

Above you gave a full description about Eusing Launcher and its functionalities, know now what we think of him
Simple way Eusing Launcher includes a customizable Launcher on the screen. This way, you reduce the amount of items on the desktop and streamlines navigation on the computer. Besides having various icons, the application also allows you to insert your own options.

Despite messing with the graphical interface of the OS, it does not consume a lot of memory or overloads the Windows. Therefore, it is possible to install it on more modest machines and use it without worries. Since it works with quick shortcuts for activation and deactivation, you can hide it and continue using the desktop.

With your face
There are many ways to customize the program. In the settings, you can change the size of the ring and of icons, adjust the amount of items displayed on the screen, change the positioning and opacity. It is you who decides how the Eusing Launcher is displayed and organized.

Since it is allowed to customize everything to the smallest detail, the application can please even the most demanding users. Anyway, if you want to reduce the visual clutter on the desktop, this app is a very valid option.




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