Data Usage & Manager

data usageData Usage & Manager is an application that lets you measure how your device used for connections to the internet.

He does the analysis both of your WiFi connection and the existing data plan, allowing you to keep a check on consumption.

In addition, through the program also there is like having a full detailing of which applications are accessing the internet, as well as it is possible to view the spending carried out by each of them. The program is very light and, as he does not consume many resources of your appliance, you will not have losses in use.

Displaying data
To open the program, you can show that your main screen is divided into tabs and, initially, an overview of the consumption is displayed on the screen. There, you can see how much was spent in both WiFi and plan your device data, separated according to the type, in addition to an estimate of use based on such information.

In the “Mobile” you can configure your data plan and set a quota of consumption to be monitored during the month. Already in application tab it is possible to have a detailed view on internet access by programs installed on your machine, including the division between the use of WiFi and the network operator.

Data Usage & Manager is a complete program for you view details about your internet connection. More specifically, it serves to display their consumption of WiFi and data plan, and also allow you to generate a control that you want to follow, to monitor their consumption.

The highlight for interface have a great look and separate tabbed options, making time to locate any one of the available functions. This way, even those who do not have much affinity with this type of application will be able to operate it without facing major difficulties.

The data displayed on the screen are quite complete and correctly identified, making its interpretation is quite simple.

The application comes ready to use, however, as regards personal consumption control, you need to fill in some parameters so that it can be configured to work according to your needs. However, it only requires the insertion of data in a few fields and without further complications.

The analysis of consumption itself is completely automatic, there is no need to make any type of configuration to use. In addition, you can choose the month for which you want to view the information, something that causes the application to be very flexible because you can have a history of use.

As regards the individual consumption generated by the applications, the data shown are also very clean and with a good organization. Another interesting point is that you can view separately using your data plan and WiFi connection. Thus, you can avoid any surprises on the Bill because of an app.

Even with animations and a sleek, the application does not consume many resources of the unit and can be used even in more modest devices without locking risks. So if you are looking for a tool to analyze your internet consumption, certainly worth testing the Data Usage & Manager.



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