Dr. Fone by WonderShare: Recover Lost data on Android Easily

Smartphones are tiny units of computers basically and it is very possible losing data on them at a moment’s notice – just by making an accidental tap in the wrong time. Getting data back off of a device is as difficult as walking up the Great Wall of China in half an hour, but unlike the first recovering data isn’t that difficult if you have the appropriate tool. Wondershare is pretty well known for the development of some recovery software for different platforms e.g. Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X; and now their support range extends up to the Android ecosystem. Using the Dr. Fone app for Android one can recover their lost data on an Android device.

What can be recovered?

Pretty much anything that was accidentally deleted could be retrieved through the Dr. Fone app interface. People mostly delete photos and videos accidentally over any other type of data on their smartphone, so Dr. Fone has given more focus on recovering media contents. While going through the recovery procedure, user can selectively choose the exact types of data they want to recover. Even previews are offered for the files that are recoverable and found on the phone’s storage so user can decide which files to recover and which ones to let go.

More Recovery

Dr. Fone effectively recovers photos and videos, but the coverage doesn’t only stop there. Dr. Fone’s recover range extends to text messages and the contact book as well. If automatic backup is turned on, the contact book on your Android device would be backed up as a vCard format file and could be restored whenever necessary. Contact book and text messages could be stored in your cloud platforms e.g. Dropbox or Google Drive without any issues. Apart from vCard, there’s another option that stores contacts as CSV files.

However, if you run an updated version of Android then chances are – they are already automatically updated against your Google Account.

Works on Computer and Smartphone

Both desktop and smartphone platforms have individual software. For the Dr. Fone Android app to work perfectly, you need to have a rooted smartphone. If you don’t want to root due to warranty restrictions, then you can install the desktop version in your Windows or Macintosh computer and connect your Android to the computer for deleted file recovery. The desktop app isn’t only an off-shore peer for recovering files, it is also a temporary rooting program just in case you want temporary root for recovering files on your Android without tampering the permanent root status.

How to use Dr. Fone for Data Recovery

To recover data using Dr. Fone through your computer, install the program first from their website and install using the executable installer. Once installation is done, connect your smartphone to the PC. Ensure the drivers are installed prior to connecting the phone to your PC.

Once you launch the software on your PC, you should see sections in the left pane like Contacts, Messages, Call History, WhatsaApp, Gallery etc. All these sections should have a number inside parentheses next to them which indicates number of recoverable items. Click on these titles and proceed with the restoration if needed.

The pricing for Android begins at $49.95. Although slightly costly, yet the program is worth your investment.




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