Cut Cut – Photo Editing Made Simple

There are many advance photo editor apps available for the users on Google Play Store but the point is that most of these apps require a lot of skills and practice before you can use them seamlessly. This is set to change if you are on this page because we came across an app which can help you in editing the photos in the easiest possible way. You don’t need any precision, accuracy or tool knowledge to use this app and the advance algorithm of the app can auto-detect many Things.
The name of the app that we had been talking about is Cut Cut. The application is basically used for editing the background and cutting out the objects from the image. Here is a short review of the application describing our user experience.

Features of Cut Cut

The application can be used to cut out the objects and human figures from the original picture. You can then patch the photo on a different background
The algorithm of the app is based on Artificial Intelligence and it can detect the figures automatically. This feature is missing on most of the image editors and hence you end up selecting the image manually. Cut Cut totally eliminates the need of selecting the object manually.

You can use different backgrounds, filters and editing tool with your photos. The backgrounds available are in different categories and there is surely a huge variety of those.
The app also lets you erase the background by just moving your finger over the background. You can choose between automatic and manual modes.
The application also lets you add text and other effects to the photo. The basic tools do not need any type of skills from your and Cut Cut is really easy to use.

General Review

Going by the Google Play Store, the application has been reviewed by over 11 thousand users and the average rating of Cut Cut is 3.8 stars. This is surely a good rating and it is quite a useful app. The application is free to use which is another add-on. The most amazing part of the app is the auto-selection tool which is quite precise. This eliminates the need of selecting the figure manually which often causes inaccuracy. The automatic selection tool works seamlessly.
You can even edit HD images with the tool and you do not lose the resolution while you are using the app.

Support and Compatibility

In terms of support and compatibility, the app can be installed on phones and tablets that are running on Android 4.0.3 and above. The app does not demand anything extravagant in terms of phone hardware. Overall package size is restricted to 19 MB as the app is highly optimized. More than Million people have already installed the app and you can also download and install the app on your phone with help of the link listed below. Do not forget to share the images on social media after editing them



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