Clone Yourself Camera

cloneClone Yourself Camera is a really fun application that helps you to duplicate in a photo. The game uses at least two catches to clone the person in the image, making the character appear in different poses.

To activate the camera, just click on the Start button. The photographer must remain in a fixed position, and each photo, the person who wants to duplicate must move without leaving the area of the camera.

When finished, click the arrow in the lower-right corner of the interface to make them appear the thumbnails of the pictures. The last step is to mark the duplicate character from the second image. For this, all you need to do is slide your finger on the screen and cover correctly the person with green paint.

Above you gave a complete description about the Clone Yourself Camera Free and its functionalities, know now what Clone Yourself Free Camera is a camera for Android you can clone people in a same image, generating a very creative and interesting effect.

The application interface is very easy to use, because all the tools are at the bottom of the screen and just click on a button to start shooting. In addition, the process of appointment of the person is as simple as sliding the finger on the display.

Too much fun
The quality of mounts is simply sensational, even in mal-iluminados environments. However, to get sharp images, it is essential that the photographer hold the wrist tight while the photos are taken.

Taking into account the high quality standard of the tool, the limitation can use just two photos in the free version doesn’t take the Clone Yourself Camera Free. In addition, the Assembly never have water marks, ensuring you the share without


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