Cholesterol treatment and the possibility of Cancer

Kerala is India’s cholesterol capital and this comes as no surprise. Recent studies point out that the cholesterol level of around 50 percent of people living here have already crossed the normal limit. In Kerala, Ernakulam is the ‘Centre of Cholesterol’. However only 5 percent seek proper medical attention. Malayalees consume about 5,000 tons of meat a day. Thus the state that consumes the largest amount of meat in India is Kerala.

Considering the history of the previous two decades, it is evident that the number of Malayalees who do any manual labour has drastically reduced. Besides gluttonous

increases body fat fatally. Heart ailments and other lifestyle diseases obviously is on the rise. People pursue innumerable medications instead of correcting their unhealthy living and food habits. A Malayalee wrongly believes that any condition can be treated and made well. In America, even children aged 10-12 years are under medication to reduce their cholesterol level. Let us not have to face such a pitiful state.


Around 18 Nobel prizes have been earned by worldwide researches on the complexity of cholesterol, the changes it makes to the heart system and the chances of heart problems going down with the normalcy of cholesterol. The villian among the segments of cholesterol is LDL. This low-density cholesterol when activated by oxidization creates blocks in blood vessels. Hence all researches come up with ways to deactivate LDL. It was found that the chances of heart ailments reduce with the decrease of LDL level in blood. Thus the advent of medications to reduce LDL level. A major share of medicines sold in today’s market are for this category. Man’s fear of death force him to use these drugs.

The main among drugs that reduce cholesterol is Statin. Studies have confirmed that the widespread use of Statin drugs have resulted in lowering of bad LDL cholesterol as well as number  of people who die of heart diseases and heat attacks. However the drastic fall in the level of cholesterol leads to other undesirable consequences. It is not to be forgotten that whatsoever, cholesterol is still an inevitable content of the human body. This wax-like substance is most essential for the structuring of the human body, production of important male hormones, balancing of water content in the body and for the growth of cells. However the profusion of cholesterol makes it fatal.

People who reduced their cholesterol level drastically faced excessive fatigue, weakness and an unstable mental state. Besides some people who took Statin pills also complained of muscle pain. Findings from a research done by Dr Al Shaikh Ali and Dr Richard Karas from Tufts University, Boston, in 2007, doubts and mysteries on cholesterol treatment deepened. The chances of cancer was more in people with low LDL. Another research done in 2008 brought out similar results and the Statin drug was not found to be responsible.

These studies waved a red flag towards reducing cholesterol level in a drastic manner. There arose two questions. One: Will a decrease in LDL level in the blood increase the chances of cancer? Two: Will cancer lead to the unusual lowering of LDL cholesterol? Several studies were done to find answers to these questions. The stance that in order to avoid complications of the heart, the level of LDL needs to be reduced as much as possible, has now been questioned.

These doubts and mysteries were finally shelved with the findings of the ‘Framingham Heart Study’. In a statement made by key researcher Paul Michael Levine from Boston, the low level of LDL seen in the blood can be taken as proof of dormant cancer signs; or a possibility of cancer in the future. However, medications must not be the reason for lowered level of LDL. The possibility of cancer is mainly seen in people with lowered level of LDL.

Normally, a person’s blood contains 120mg of LDL cholesterol. In normal case, this level is not of concern. People suffering from blood pressure, diabetes or heart ailments and those who smoke must have an LDL level lower than 100mg. It is ideal for this level to be less than 70mg in people suffering from serious defects to heart arteries. The possibility of a fatal stroke is more in people having above 130 LDL that in turn cause clotting in coronary arteries. LDL is generally reduced by controlling the consumption of fatty food, meat and oil as well as brisk exercise. Meanwhile ways to systematically reduce LDL are known now and higher dose of Statin pills are taken. However this method is not advisable.

Cholesterol is not the sole reason for heart ailments. However it is an essential element that needs to be maintained within the required limit. Fat is essential to maintain body structure. Yet it should not cross the obligatory limit. More fruits and vegetables must be made part of the daily diet. Exercise must be an essential element of life. Then cholesterol can be controlled to a great extent without taking any medication.


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