Change Background Image from Photos on Android

Cut Paste Photos
Superimpose, PhotoLayers Eraser is an image editor that has been specially designed to facilitate the blending of two or more images, allowing the creation of stylish mounts. To start playing, there are two parameters that you need to fill in: “Background” and “Photo”.

In the first option, you select a background image for its creation and, in “Add Photo”, you choose the photo that will be in the foreground.

Is in “Cut” where the magic happens. You can delete the desired parts of the photo in the foreground manually or use a predetermined shape. The base of the display controls enable changes in the configuration of the selected tool, making it easy to achieve the desired effect.

It is important to remember that, to get a good effect in time to remove the background of the image in the foreground, the background has a pattern of stable color. Otherwise, it is virtually impossible to ensure that the software can properly remove the desired area.

Above you gave a complete description about the Superimpose PhotoLayers, Eraser and its functionalities, know now what we think of it If you are looking for an application to create assemblies and make mixes with your photos, Superimpose, PhotoLayers Eraser is an attractive option for you to install on your Android. Unlike other generic editors, the app from handyCloset Inc. offers several advanced options for you properly remove the background of any photo and replace it with another background of your choice.


The whole process is divided into steps that allow the selection of the background, the foreground image and the Elimination of the bottom of the figure. This last feature is the most important of all, but it is not as easy to find as it should, since it is accessed through the “Cut” shortcut on the toolbar that contains other options.

You can fade or delete the selected photo using a brush and even a kind of “magic wand” that erases the background as color selects. The controls that appear on the bottom of the display are interesting and allow you to do several tests to get the desired result.

Lack precision
In our assessment, the PhotoLayers Superimpose, Eraser proved accurate in time to merge a photo with well demarcated. However, when the selected image’s colors with similar shades, it is practically impossible to obtain a satisfactory result, revealing that the tool does not have as equal a full editor for computers.

Taking into account the limitations and the interface a bit confusing, it’s hard to recommend the download of the software for people who don’t have experience with photographic montages. Who has already used gender programs can even get interesting results here but, at the bottom, get a quality work is very complicated.


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