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Expense Manager FOR HOME – A Smart Way to Manage Home Expenses

In the time of inflation, it is surely hard to manage the day to day expense and more often, we forget about the expenses made. Digitalization adds up to the problem as we end up swiping our credit card on many places without remembering the details of the transaction. This has surely triggered the need

Opera Neon Browser

Opera Neon Opera Neon is a super fast internet browser which allows you to experience Internet browsing as an enjoyment. We all need to save time and data in internet browsing therefore I suggest you to use Opera Neon which has been launched with amazing features and function. Now you can minimise the time and

Open Broadcaster Software

Open Broadcaster Software is an open source program that serves for you do transmit various recordings on the internet.So you can make streaming lectures, games, tutorials or any type of content that you judge appropriate. The program is entirely free and has all of its open source on this site, allowing anyone to become a

ProShow Gold

ProShow Gold gives you more options than any other software that creates presentations. Create VideoCDs and DVDs to play on your tv, broadcast web content, manages video files in MPEG format, build screensavers, create executable audio files (EXE), send emails or post their presentations online. Record automatic CDs when inserted into any PC are played.

Eusing Launcher

Eusing Launcher is a software that helps you create quick shortcuts for the most accessed in Windows. In addition, he provides a simpler way to access the main directories and system settings. Although the app contains some preconfigured options, you can include any icon on it. So, you can access your favorite sites quickly. Once