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Sudo: Free calling.

Sudo is an application for ios users. Ios users can cheer up. Among us there is an opinion, that the difficulties and troubles are mostly suffered by aliens, ie, people working at abroad. It is not just an opinion but it is a true fact. Those aliens are always eager to know what is happening

Aloha browser

Now it’s time for enjoyment for iphone users. A browser is essential and indispensable application for the existence of mobile browsing. Don’t worry, if you didn’t find any super fast browsers yet. Today I am here to introduce you about a variety Internet browser which is comprised of all facilities. We cannot even dream such

Indane Gas Booking App

Why should we face troubles for booking LPG When new application of indian oil launches. Here’s a good news for Indane Gas consumers. This is an official mobile application of Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. As we know that, we were been facing many difficulties and troubles since for years because of inconvenient method of cylinder

Action Director Video Editor

ActionDirector Video Editor is an application developed for you to capture, edit and publish videos of action; those that involve you or friends doing any legal activity, radical or fun. The app has effects that combine very well with this type of material, including repetition of threads to give a special mention to that insane

Fed up of using whatsapp?

We all may be the users of whatsapp since for the past long time, that’s why we may be fed up of using it. Therefore today I am gonna introduce you about a verity app. This app’s name is ‘WhatsappBubbles’. This app is mainly intended to facilitate the users to experience a verity mode of