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How to Create Aadhaar Virtual ID and What Are Its Uses?

Recently TRAI Chairman posted his Aadhaar Number on Social Media and he challenged the people to make use of it in any way to get any information about him. A lot of people claimed to have obtained a different type of information of TRAI Chairman which sparked various debates. It is still not clear how

KeepVid – A YouTube Music Player for Android

Gone are the days when we used to be dependent on the YouTube for our music need and that is certainly one of the best platforms for playing music for free. You get all the latest music there at no cost at all. The problem with YouTube is that you can’t play only the music

Download Facebook Videos without any Software

We see many interesting videos on Facebook. Have you ever felt like saving them? I’m going to show you a little trick by which even people who are not too tech literate also can save these videos. First of all, click on the thumbnail of the video you desire to save. At the time, the
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