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Cholesterol treatment and the possibility of Cancer

Kerala is India’s cholesterol capital and this comes as no surprise. Recent studies point out that the cholesterol level of around 50 percent of people living here have already crossed the normal limit. In Kerala, Ernakulam is the ‘Centre of Cholesterol’. However only 5 percent seek proper medical attention. Malayalees consume about 5,000 tons of

Control Your Blood Pressure

This year’s World Health Day message is ‘Control Your Blood Pressure’. The constitution of the World Health Organization was established on April 7, 1948. To commemorate this, every year the organization invites the world’s attention to a particular health topic. This time was subject was blood pressure. With regard to Kerala, this topic is of

Homeopathy to enhance hair growth

There are people who consider even the few strands of hair that fall simply when combing as a major loss. Their minds too worry about this. The society is home to many unhappy people who fall prey to ‘fraud advertising’ and buy hoax medicines to solve hair loss problem. The hair grows through several cells

New gene to improve treatment of diabetes

An team of international researchers has discovered a gene that will help to formulate fruitful treatment for the lifestyle disease Type 2 Diabetes and to get a better insight to its proliferation. This is the first time that such a gene that will be instrumental in understanding how the body reacts to insulin in the

Malaria vaccine by 2015

A vaccine to prevent mosquito-spread Malaria is to be introduced. It is believed that the vaccine will hit markets by 2015. The vaccine was developed by British drug company GlaxoSmithKline. The vaccine showed a significant decrease in the impact of the disease in children in Africa where tests were done. The vaccine known as RTS,
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