Best video player for Android

one of the most used features in smartphones is certainly the playback of music and video-are these just tiny writes that his friend made that last week’s Party or even that movie that you could not watch the movies.
With devices equipped with bigger screens and higher resolution, check out videos on your smartphone is becoming something very comfortable and fun. Now you can attend your favorite productions in any place and at any time: at home, in the car, on the bus, in the folguinhas work and so on.

We made a selection with the ten best video players for the Android operating system, all available to be downloaded through Google. Choose your Favorites, get the popcorn and enjoy!


The first of our list is the MX Player, certainly one of the most known for guys who like to watch the videos as completely as possible. With an interface very simple and objective, the application supports the most popular formats for subtitles and adjust their time automatically.
The most interesting in the MX Player’s playback screen, quite intuitive. You can increase or lower the volume by dragging the finger at the right end of the screen, change the zoom to that best adapt to your screen and several other interesting options. In addition, the unique multi-core Decoding causes application use the full potential of smartphones with multiple processor cores.



BSPlayer supports almost all types of video files (AVI, DivX, FLV, MP4, MKV, MOV, MPG, MTS, RMBV, 3GP among others), allows creation of playlists, playback of compressed files in ZIP without having to extract them and playing in the background.
Want more? It can run videos and music directly through folders or disks to your computer shared by LAN or Wi-Fi, without the need to download anything to your memory card.
In addition, the BSPlayer interface is very pretty and intuitive. You can make gestures on the screen to apply and reduce zoom, forward and backward playback or adjust the volume. You can also take pictures of the video (screenshoots) and share them on social networks. Cool, huh?




Being one of the most beloved players also on PC, the Android version of RealPlayer obviously could not be left out of the selection. Nine languages, widgets, equalizer, scrobbling to, metadata editing, research by voice commands. Are functions that don’t end up more.
Completely free, the application also allows you to share your favorite videos in the main social networks. And, of course, he has a clean interface, beautiful and as intuitive as the computer version.




Being more focused on the streaming content, XMTV Player you recommends the most popular videos on the web and also lets you search across multiple platforms like Vevo, Hulu, CNN, NY Times, Ted Talk etc.
However, the application can also play a wide range of video files directly from your SD card, and can create playlists or guarding the stretch of a film for future playback.


And so, what did you think of the selection? Already have your favorite application? Don’t forget to leave us comments its opinion on the alternatives listed and also comment on the ones you like best to use! Now, no one has more excuse not to watch your favorite movies on the small screen of your Android smartphone.



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