Best Seven Apps For Your Android Phone

Facebook Lite

top appsFacebook Lite is a client for the social networking site Facebook that has been specially designed to offer a more fluid experience in old appliances and low-speed networks. Newly released in India, the app is entirely in English & Hindi, and can be downloaded without any restriction.

Facebook Lite is an application that has been specially designed for developing countries like India that do not have high-speed networks or a large volume of powerful smartphones. The app gives you access to the main features of the social network and can run even in old appliances with Android 2.2.


Facebook for Android

Facebook for Android is an essential application for those who use social networking on your Android, because the interface of it is much more practical than the viewing via the device browser.

With it, you can view your friends ‘ updates in a format suitable for the screen of your smartphone or tablet.However, some negative aspects still remain in the program. Although he offers a link for making comments and Enjoy in the news feed, Facebook for Android still does not have a practical option of sharing. You can only share images and no links — and even then, you need to open and load the content to be able to do so.

In addition, check-in through the app is still a bit slow and, in some cases, it is not yet able to identify the location. Still, the program has suffered major changes over time, especially with regard to performance, leading to the conclusion that such problems can be fixed for a next version.


ACR Call Recorder

Call recording-ACR is an application developed with the goal of creating a file with all your phone calls made through a smartphone, making it possible to listen to them again anytime.

The main attraction of this tool is not only have the chance to automatically record all that you speak into the device, but also add a button to the screen to start the recording.

The Organization of the information can be made in different ways, one of them through the date of completion of the call. In addition, different categories separate links that you made those received.

Call recording-ACR is a tool to record phone calls you make or receive. It presents the option of recording everything automatically, or add a button to the screen of the call to allow quick start recording. The information stored are organized in different ways, including by separating all can date and time.


Video Downloader
There are many alternate browsers for Google’s mobile operating system, such as the famous Opera Mini, Dolphin, Firefox and Chrome. However, no competitor can be so light and practical as the Downloader & Private Browser.

The independent browser has a built-in multimedia player, allowing you to play music and videos without having to use other external programs. Sliding your finger to the right of the interface, you also check the Download Manager.

If you are looking for a lightweight browser with focus on practicality and ease of download and reproduce different types of multimedia content, Downloader & Private Browser is currently one of the best options that you find for free at Google.


HotStar TV Movies and Live sports

‘Hot star’ is a mobile application to view the television channels under
Star network.It is currently available only in India, Now The Asianet serials are available
on hotstar only . Also You can enjoy the live cricket and football tournments from popular channels like
Star Sports, ESPN in high clarity without any interference of the ads.
Also You can a variety of channels and programs available in several languages with HotStar
Hotstar allows users to create their own Playlists with content they curate
from the rest of the platform for at-leisure viewing.

There are no restrictions to the type of content users can add to their Playlists
– individual episodes, movies, full collections or even collections of movies.
variety of channels and programs available in several languages with HotStar.


Avast Mobile Security

The avast! is the antivirus chosen by many users to protect your computer. Now, he throws the app avast! Mobile Security for Android. It ensures real-time, safety with anti-theft tools and free download.

Soon after the installation, you will notice that inside the avast! Mobile Security is there a secondary app, you decide whether to install it or not. He is the avast! Anti-Theft, a security program that ensures the user remote access to the appliance in case of theft.

avast! Mobile Security runs very well on Android, making scans quickly and efficiently. In addition, he is more than an antivirus, because it has many options for managing the device, as apps protection function, and antitheft protection to prevent the sending of text messages.



The Xender is a great application for sharing between different devices or transfers between the device and a computer, that is, it is not necessary to load USB cables when you want to transfer files between these two. The application is lightweight, simple to use and fast in transfers.

Xender is a file sharing application that allows the use of any type of connection, such as WiFi and 3 g. The application for the simplicity of use, however, maintaining security in data transmission. In addition, the application promises data transfer at speeds of up to 4 Mb/s, and even performing videos while they are being transferred to other equipment.

Another interesting feature that has the application is the possibility of trasnferências between the smartphone or tablet and a desktop computer. You just turn on the device and select the Xender PC previously registered. After this, simply open a web browser on your computer and enter the IP number informed by the application in the address bar.



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