Avee Music Player (Pro)

Are you a lover of music? Then you will want to have music with you wherever you go. If you have an Android phone then there’s one more way to ensure that you never run out of music and this is by using the Avee Music Player (Pro). They offer a variety of features that make music listening a lot more fun. These features are video playback capability, song cross-fading, folder browsing and equalizer. Some of the other really significant features are HD video production and audio visualizer.
While most of the visualizers are highly customizable with a plethora of options such as shape, color, audio reaction and size, you may also make some other changes as you prefer. This is a really mobile solution so you must ensure that you do not stop creating videos even when you are travelling in the boat, bus, or simply walking in the park.
Features of Avee Music Player app

• Media formats supported
• There are 2 types of internal players
• It offers gap-less and cross-fade transitions
• It comes with two user interface color skins
• It has searchable library, queue and files
• Easily customizable with audio visualizers
• Export visualizers such as HD video file
• It comes with an interesting screen orientation lock
• You may read and save various playlists
• It comes with status bar and lock-screen widget
• Direct folder browsing along with the folder shortcuts
• It provides support for media and bluetooth
• It features a sleep timer and equalizer
One of the major issues with most of the music player available online is that they do not support all types of media formats. Thankfully, this one is different and it supports all types of popular media formats. The app provides the option of direct folder browsing and also enables you to create folder shortcuts.
There are easily customizable audio visualizers along with the export visualizers such as HD video file. They have an amazing library and the database is easily searchable for files and queues. There’s also a screen orientation lock that keeps the main screen locked.
The Avee Music Player app allows you to read as well as save the different playlists such as mpcpl, plp, pla, pls, m3u8 and m3u. It also comes with a lock screen along with the status bar widget. The app should enable you to support the media also support the Bluetooth controls.
The user interface has two different color skins which makes the entire experience more enjoyable for the user. There are also two different types of internal players for the music
When you turn open this app, it will also you for the Microphone permission, however it will not access the microphone on your mobile phone by itself, It does not listen to the audio from the mobile phone by itself. Instead, it takes the permission to gain access to the global audio stream. This is mainly used by the Native playback engine, and it’s mainly kept for the compatibility reasons.
If you want to download the Avee Music Player app, go to the Google Play Store and click on the link –



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