AppLock Face/Voice Recognition

The AppLock Face/Voice Recognition is a security solution that can prevent unauthorized access to the apps installed on your mobile device. If you are concerned with your safety and privacy, with sure has felt the need to use a program of any kind.

The differential of this utility is that, instead of using passwords or patterns to identify the user, it performs the authentication by biometric methods: facial recognition and voice recognition.

This means that to access an application blocked by AppLock, you will need to show your face to the camera and say something previously configured. The solution allows the user to sign a form of alternative authentication (default, password or PIN) that will be used as a last resort if other methods fail.

You can choose between two protection profiles for each blocked apps: “TrulySecure Mode” (which requires both the authentication through facial recognition and voice recognition) or “Convenience Mode” (which only uses a biometric identification to unlock the content). You choose which is the best option.

Above you gave a full description of the AppLock Face/Voice Recognition and its features, learn now what we think him

The AppLock Face/Voice Recognition is an application very useful for those who want to protect specific applications on your smartphone – as the WhatsApp, Facebook, the official app from your bank and so forth. He was done for those users who do not trust in protecting your private data with a conventional password and wish to go beyond, using biometric authentication to access the information.

In general, the software works well and is easy to use. To open it for the first time, the utility will play a short video explaining how to operate it. It is then necessary to register his face and voice, repeating three times a phrase of your choice (you can even write it, provided that it is in English). We had slight difficulty in the initial stage, and it is necessary to say that sentence numerous times for it to be recognized.

Once configured, however, AppLock worked very well. The most fun is that the program has a motion detection feature (which can be turned on in the Options window) that prevents someone make a fraud using a photo your. Both voice recognition and the face work well, and the destavamento of application is immediate.



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