App Usage: An Innovative Way to Track Application Usage

These days our lives are controlled by the digital world and most of us are always engrossed in the phone and most of the times we are wasting our time either on games or on the social network. Another such problem faced by the phone users is the lack of a central application management software. All these problems have been resolved by App Usage which is basically a powerful application management software for the phones. There are several features of the applications and some of these features are listed below

Features of App Usage

• Usage Tracker – The application shows all the data regarding the application usage. This means that the application would tell you about the total duration of usage of the application. In addition to tracking the application usage, this app also tracks the usage of the phone.
• Control the Digital Time – One should always limit the digital time and hence the application tracks you about your phone usage pattern and in addition to this it also warns you about the over the use of the phone.
• Application Management – It is possible to check and keep track of the history of all the applications installed and uninstalled on the phone. This can also work as a parental control app as you will be able to track the applications used by your child. This is especially required when the applications like Blue Whale are making the news. App Usage has also made it possible to uninstall the application with just one click and thus it has become a central application management software for Android Phones.

Other Information

Talking about the performance of the application, the application has an overall rating of 4.3 stars and it has received over 2000 5 star reviews and ratings. The last version of the application was released on 28 August 2017 with the updates and the developer of the applications are quite regular when it comes to releasing the updates.
Talking about the number of installs, the application has been installed by about 1 Lakh to 5 Lakh users and the developer of the application doesn’t collect your application data hence the data remains on your phone only. This helps in protecting your privacy. In addition to this, there are some of the features which are restricted in the free version of the application and they are available as in-app purchases. The application is supported by almost all versions of the android and hence there is no need to update the phone before installing the app.


Looking at features of this application, it is surely a must install application for all the android users as this helps them in tracking their application usage and in addition to this, it would eventually help the users in managing their time in a better way. If you think that you are wasting a lot of time on a game or on an application like Facebook then you must install the application right away so that you can use your time for something productive.



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