How to Create Aadhaar Virtual ID and What Are Its Uses?

Recently TRAI Chairman posted his Aadhaar Number on Social Media and he challenged the people to make use of it in any way to get any information about him. A lot of people claimed to have obtained a different type of information of TRAI Chairman which sparked various debates. It is still not clear how the Aadhaar Number was used to get the details but in our suggestion, it is better to be safe than sorry.

We are sure that even you feel it this way and you must also be feeling vulnerable while sharing the Aadhaar Number with someone for the verification purpose. The good news is that you do not have to do it as UIDAI rolled out Virtual ID and you can use this Virtual ID to verify Aadhaar Card Number without actually sharing your Aadhaar number. So let us learn about the uses of Virtual ID and then let us discuss the process of generating a virtual ID.

Uses of Aadhaar Virtual ID

Secure – If you generate a virtual ID, you can simply use the same to verify the Aadhaar details as all the data is linked to the virtual ID. This ID is a set of random numbers and it is only valid for a certain period of time after which the virtual ID is dissolved once again. So, the person can’t misuse your Virtual ID.
Masking of Information – The virtual ID has made it possible to mask the information. For example, your telecom provider needs your Aadhaar number for verification. In such a case, you can share only your Aadhaar Virtual ID and the telecom operator will only be able to see the basic details which are required by them to verify your information.
Sharing – Since the Aadhaar Virtual ID is valid only for a specific duration of time, people will not be able to misuse it. You can regenerate your Virtual ID at any point of time in order to validate your Aadhaar number.

These were some of the benefits of Virtual ID but they certainly have huge implications on the users as well as the system. The dealers have now started accepting the Virtual ID and the government has warned the operators to migrate their system by 31 August 2018. So, by end of August, you will be able to use your Virtual ID completely.

The process to Generate Aadhaar Virtual ID

This is the process of generating virtual ID and you can follow the process to get a Virtual ID for your Aadhaar number.
The first step is to visit the UIDAI Portal. The portal can be accessed with help of the link
On the portal, navigate to the section for Aadhaar Services and click on Virtual ID Generator. You can alternatively, use the link to go to the page directly.
Now, enter the Aadhaar Number and Security Code in the designated area. Once that is done, click on Send OTP Button. This will trigger an OTP and you will receive the OTP on your registered mobile number.
Enter the OTP in the designated area and click on Generate VID Number before clicking on Submit Button. You will receive the Virtual ID on your mobile number which can be shared with the dealers for the verification.
If you have already generated a VID then you can also retrieve your VID by using the Retrieve VID option on the same page.
This was the process to get the VID for yourself and you can also start using the process from today onwards to keep your data secure.


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