Speed Camera Radar: An Application to Detect Speed Cameras

Traffic Police across the world are investing in Speed Camera Radars to catch the violators and the cameras are quite successful in fining the people who over speed their vehicle. In many countries, the fine is really high and it can disturb the budget of the person greatly. In such a case, it is necessary to have a reliable application to detect Speed Camera Radar so as to have prior information about the Speed Camera Radars in the area. Here is a review of an application called Speed Camera Radar. The application can help you in detecting speed cameras and hurdles like speed breakers and bad roads and the best part are that the application is supported in all the countries.
Let us first look at the features of the Application.

Features of Speed Camera Radar
• The application is supported in all the countries and in addition to this, the users are supposed to contribute to the application to complete the database. So if you know a place where there is a speed camera radar then you can open the application and add the same into the database. Your contribution will help others in detecting the speed radars.

• The application also comes with a hazard detection mode and when you use the hazard detection mode, the application will notify you about any possible danger along the road on your router. The danger could be a bad road which can damage your car or it can also be a speed breaker which can cause damage as well. Lastly, the danger also includes the speed radars as they could be quite heavy on pockets.

• It is impossible to look at the application all the time during driving and hence the application notifies the driver about the danger with a sound and the driver can immediately reduce the speed until he crosses the epic center of the danger or the speed camera. The best part about the application is that it also shows the distance to the hazard and the application is quite accurate.

• The application also monitors the traffic and it has a nice dashboard which displays all the necessary information.
The application has been installed by 5 Million to 10 Million users and talking about the general review, the application has a rating of 4.4 stars and it has been reviewed by over 50,600 users. The application has received over 30,000, 5-star reviews which prove that it is a great app to use. In addition to this, the application can be installed on any android device which has Android 4 and above. It should be noted that some of the features of the application are available for purchase and they are not free to use.

It should be noted that we are not promoting unsafe driving and we recommend you to drive within the safe speed limits. But the application is surely a great companion on the road and you must have this application. The download link of the application is mentioned below



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