Cut Cut – Photo Editing Made Simple

There are many advance photo editor apps available for the users on Google Play Store but the point is that most of these apps require a lot of skills and practice before you can use them seamlessly. This is set to change if you are on this page because we came across an app which

Kimbho – Swadeshi Messaging App

So, we all have used WhatsApp, there is hardly anyone who is not present on this messaging app. Most of you would have also used Patanjali’s product at some point in life. Now, you might be wondering that what is the connection between the two? Well, there is a strange connection between two and we

How to Create Aadhaar Virtual ID and What Are Its Uses?

Recently TRAI Chairman posted his Aadhaar Number on Social Media and he challenged the people to make use of it in any way to get any information about him. A lot of people claimed to have obtained a different type of information of TRAI Chairman which sparked various debates. It is still not clear how

GOM Saver – Smart Solution to Optimize Memory

You would surely agree on the fact that maximum amount of memory in any phone is occupied by the photos and videos. One of the reasons for this is the higher resolution of the camera. The photos clicked by a high-resolution camera would certainly have a larger size. In addition to this, all the 4K

MadLipz – Create Awesome Funny Videos

Making funny videos and sharing it with friends is always fun but there is a new trend these days wherein you can dub your voice into the video and share it with the friends. You can also do the vice versa and all these applications are getting really popular. One such application which can give