KeepVid – A YouTube Music Player for Android

Gone are the days when we used to be dependent on the YouTube for our music need and that is certainly one of the best platforms for playing music for free. You get all the latest music there at no cost at all. The problem with YouTube is that you can’t play only the music

Speedify VPN – Extra Secure VPN

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and this network is constructed via connecting different connections on the internet. So you must be wondering that what the advantage of using a VPN is. Well, the main advantage of using a VPN is that it will protect your privacy and in addition to this, VPN will make

File and Folder Locker for Android Device

You would have used Folder Locker on your PC or laptop and that software is really handy as it can help you in securing many different folders or files. The problem is with a mobile phone as in mobile phone, it is not possible to lock individual file or folder. In addition to this, the

Dr. Fone by WonderShare: Recover Lost data on Android Easily

Smartphones are tiny units of computers basically and it is very possible losing data on them at a moment’s notice – just by making an accidental tap in the wrong time. Getting data back off of a device is as difficult as walking up the Great Wall of China in half an hour, but unlike

Du Recorder – Free Application to Record Phone

Apple recently launched a new iOS and in this new iOS, there is a feature to record your screen live. Well, this is surely a great feature but don’t worry, you do not have to upgrade your operating system just to get a feature. You can get this feature on your Android phone by installing