Dr. Fone by WonderShare: Recover Lost data on Android Easily

Smartphones are tiny units of computers basically and it is very possible losing data on them at a moment’s notice – just by making an accidental tap in the wrong time. Getting data back off of a device is as difficult as walking up the Great Wall of China in half an hour, but unlike

Du Recorder – Free Application to Record Phone

Apple recently launched a new iOS and in this new iOS, there is a feature to record your screen live. Well, this is surely a great feature but don’t worry, you do not have to upgrade your operating system just to get a feature. You can get this feature on your Android phone by installing

Expense Manager FOR HOME – A Smart Way to Manage Home Expenses

In the time of inflation, it is surely hard to manage the day to day expense and more often, we forget about the expenses made. Digitalization adds up to the problem as we end up swiping our credit card on many places without remembering the details of the transaction. This has surely triggered the need

IObit Uninstaller 7: An Easy Way to Clean PC

Most of the times our windows in cluttered with many unwanted programs which are installed by us at some point in history. In addition to this, we also install many plugins and windows applications which slows down the performance of the PC significantly. Uninstalling all these applications one by one is a huge deal and

Speed Camera Radar: An Application to Detect Speed Cameras

Traffic Police across the world are investing in Speed Camera Radars to catch the violators and the cameras are quite successful in fining the people who over speed their vehicle. In many countries, the fine is really high and it can disturb the budget of the person greatly. In such a case, it is necessary