Review for Malayalam Dictionary – Artham Malayalam Dictionary

Dictionary is an important tool when a child is studying because there are many words which he is not aware of and the dictionary helps him in finding the meaning of those words with a lot of ease. It helps the child as well as adults in gaining the knowledge of the vocabulary and words

Avee Music Player (Pro)

Are you a lover of music? Then you will want to have music with you wherever you go. If you have an Android phone then there’s one more way to ensure that you never run out of music and this is by using the Avee Music Player (Pro). They offer a variety of features that

App Usage: An Innovative Way to Track Application Usage

These days our lives are controlled by the digital world and most of us are always engrossed in the phone and most of the times we are wasting our time either on games or on the social network. Another such problem faced by the phone users is the lack of a central application management software.

LIKE App Review

LIKE app is developed by Bigo Technology Pte. Ltd, and it is one of the most talked about apps on Google Play. If you are looking for a quick and fun application to create music videos and share with friends then this app fits the bill perfectly. It is one of those amazing apps that

Download Cinehome App: Watch Malayalam Movies and TV Channels

India has a mixed culture and each city has people from different culture. In such a case, everyone has a different taste in terms of movies and shows and as a fact, everyone loves to watch shows in their mother tongue. As of now, to watch the shows and movies in Malayalam, a person needs